What are the Infosphere DataStage job status log values?

IBM Infosphere Information Server (IIS), DataStage job status log values, datastage
IBM Infosphere Information Server (IIS)

These are the job status codes seen when running Infosphere Datastage jobs and sequences.   Additional information regarding a specific job or sequence error can be seen in Director.

Table of dsjob utility Status Codes

dsjob utility Status Codes


Log/Status Description Job State Comments
0 Running Not Runnable This is the only status that means the job is actually running
1 Finished Runnable Job finished a normal run with no warnings
2 Finished (See Log) Runnable Job finished a normal run with warnings
3 Aborted Not Runnable Job finished a normal run with a fatal error
4 Queued Not Runnable Job queued waiting for resource allocation
8 Failed Validation Not Runnable
9 Has Been Reset Runnable
11 Validated OK Runnable
12 Validated (See Log) Runnable
13 Failed Validation Not Runnable
21 Has Been Reset Runnable
96 Aborted Not Runnable
97 Stopped Not Runnable
98 Not Compiled Not Runnable