Leading Virtual Meetings: Methods and Effective Practices

Leading Virtual Meetings: Methods and Effective Practices
Leading Virtual Meetings: Methods and Effective Practices

Leading Virtual Meetings Book Description

If you’re running a virtual business, then you’ve got to read Leading Virtual Meetings – Methods and Effective Practices!

For many people working from home not only makes sense, but it also leads to higher job satisfaction, higher productivity and lowers costs associated with employees. We live in an age where a message or email can be sent across the world within seconds. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and internet connection and you could be working from home!

With this lean towards freelancers and virtual offices, it’s not always easy for all business owners to set up their virtual meetings and virtual offices the right way.

Whenever you’re running virtual meetings, there are different challenges which you won’t usually face when running a traditional office or team meeting.

Inside Leading Virtual Meetings – Methods and Effective Practices you’ll discover:

  • What are the Benefits and Downsides of Virtual Meetings?
  • What Equipment do you need and what is the Best Technology for Hosting Virtual Meetings?
  • How to Host the Perfect Virtual Meeting
  • How to Make Sure People are Listening and Virtual Icebreakers & Much More!

To reduce overheads many new startups and small businesses are exploring virtual employees. It is also a great way of obtaining the skills and diversity you require without having to recruit globally.

If you’re currently running a virtual business, just started switching to virtual employees or considering freelancers and virtual employees, then you must read Leading Virtual Meetings – Methods and Effective Practices now!

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Leadership – The Management Imperative

Leadership And Management, The Management Imperative
Leadership And Management


The Management Imperative

Management’s imperative is to put useful data at the fingertips of its human capital on a timely basis and train them how to us such data.


“The ROI of Human Capital: Measuring the Economic Value of Employee Performance” by Jac Fitz-enz, 2000, Page 6, ISBN 0-8144-0574-6


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Leadership – Success Characteristics in Decisive Situations

Leadership And Management
Leadership And Management

Key Success Characteristics in Decisive Situations

For leaders and managers two key behaviors of success are:

  • Pay great attention to relevant details
  • Concentrate on skillful, timely, and accurate communications


The Way of the Warrior: Business Tactics and Techniques from History’s Twelve Greatest Generals, St. Martin’s Griffin, 1998. ISBN 0-312-19535-4, James F. Dunnigan And Daniel Masterson

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